the weather so hot.

i’m now at student plaza blogging, waiting for Al,ah tian and yongjie to finish playing the checkers game-.-

went for fmgt revision class today and i think over all it went quite okays. hahas .
I’m sso nervous for the fmgt exam can. totally!

headed to esquare to look for mr.chen and yj.
in the end i like never ask any questions and we had a heart to heart talk. hahas damn funny la. went to clubhouse to study. i love that place can.
Al came and we went for lunch.
filled my hungry stomach so I’m a happy girl now.
studied again and we decided to leave for home.
I want to watch movie! 😦
i wanna watch the orphan 😦
but then some”one” dont want and they keep having the “buy 1 get 1” promotion.
hahas . nevermind lor.
in the end we sat down ,played checkers.

my stomach very pain. auntie come liao.
damn sian and i’m wearing a white pants now. hosey never tio. hahas
aunty come still eat ic-cream and drink cold drink.

so fast next week exams already.
then they going wuhan already :(”’
oh bu yao ah !
I must make sure that they skype with me. muahahahas .

see, i’m done with my blogging and they are still nt done yet. hahas , i guess they really love that game.

16 more days.


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