a happy meal need not be to have a "Happy Meal"

song playing: that’s when – Aslyn

hahas, I’m so happy today. Finally a proper laptop for me to do my things, read my mail,msn,fbook, read my slides.
thanks andrew!treat you coffee nxt time šŸ™‚

I went school this morning to get the pc from him.
and went back to clubhouse to look for ah tian.
Alvin came toos . we studied while ah tian played games. she like on holiday already šŸ˜¦

i was feeling damn hungry so went down to dabao food for myself and Al.
Had lunch and went down tgt to look for db teacher.

studied tgt with esther and jt also.
we like talking what should we do during the holidays when they are not around.
and so far we came up with a lot of plans already šŸ™‚
but dunno if will really do it anot.
I think this holidays i will be busy with the international week preparations,meetings,outings and lotsa catch-up with my girls and phoebe/xueqi!
imissthem alot canxzxzxz.

Waited for auntie loh to finish his last question and went for dinner at KAP.
we were talking about some childhood stuffs and it was kind of funny toos.
walked to the bustop with al and esther.
my bus took damn long to come and it was bombarded with people ! >< angry.

tml got the fmgt revision .9.30 am LT 28 .
jiayous mirah !


mirah and esther.

drunk birthday boy.

you are lucky to take picture with us okays chuayongjie.


group photo.

mark koh.

mirah and jingting.

his failed birthday cake.


Mirah is a happy girl today.


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