babyviao. is in a coma now or perhaps a vegetable.
Idk what’s the problem with babyv. nowadays.
recover soon babyv. I’ll love you always.

Met Al at J8.
He lent me his laptop.
Thanks for lending me.

Today has not been a good day.
Babyv. sick
I accidentally cut myself when i tried to whip something.
Mummy’s not around yestd.
So I really felt like crying when i was on the phone.
And i didn’t get to catch the fireworks again.

I remembered all my national day in the past years.
2006-I was working door-t-door while ppl having dinner and watching the parade.
2007-I was out with someone.
2008-I don’t remember.
2009-I’m sitting in front of the this darn computer and rushing out my assignment.
2009- I hope to be sitting at marina area (hopefully with my future-s.one) watching the fireworks.

I have good plans for the future.
But it does not always work.


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