Finally finished my IS today but I still need to be back there to present.
teacher treated us cheese and I think it taste nice . Except the blue cheese and the other one.
Sorry alan for spilling your drink.

Went clubhouse after class. That’s my favorite space in school =)
Al and Yj came after that.
Helped mervin with his filming.
Went back to clubhouse to do work, jf and km came after that.
We like never do any work likethat la
But i still got do okay.

I’m getting more and more forgetful day by day.

Had ljs at clementi with Al and Yj.
Mark came and we went to the arcade.
As usual , see em’ tune.
hahas, actually quite exciting la !
see until very nervous.
When the race bout to end, then another new challanger added in. Woah like free try likethat sia .hahas , i see until very shiok.
We tag team play shooting bball, not bad lurh. still got till stage 3 lei .
In the end, we stayed till like almost 11pm sia

Yay, monday public holiday.


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