ya ya pa pa ya.

Hi dearies!
I had a long day today 😦
9am class ! zomg, I felt so tired during the lesson.
Jentock damn funny la , he tried not to make it so obvious when he’s giving hints for exam.
But then.. He failed !

Went to clubhouse meet Al & Ho during break.
Actually, we wanted to go return the blazers but then when we were at estate office, realize that we running out of time already, so me and ho go dapao food. Buay tahan alrd. Suddenly hungry 😛
OH YA ! I know this may sound stupid but i still have to vent it on some place.
While i was eating the noodles, my tooth chip off-ed. I like OMG! There’s a hole inside.
wah i super pekcek, very the gao wei hurh got one empty area there.
So I kept whining to ho, tian and everyone i saw.
And i super scared of dentist!
How am i supposed to go and mend the hole laaa !
But my tongue keeps playing with that tooth. Like ke fun =)

We were reminiscing some moments we did when we were young.
Like if got friend bully you, then you will say to that person who bullied you
:” I dont want to friend you liao ! ”
:”I tell my mummy hor”
:longer version”I tell my mummy , my daddy , my ahma, my ahgong, uncle, auntie, cousin (blah blah bah…)”
very childish hor.

Went for lesson (FMGT) and I think i saw the U.Reps/P from BA ?
FMGT ended early today and No dwa for today! & no PEER TUTORING TILL 7 TODAY !
Mirah is a happy girl today ! (except for the tooth part)
I went back clubhouse and see Al sleep there till like shiok shiok.
wah, i see alrd also got sleepy bugs.
I think the moment he left the sofa, I hanged on a while to my laptop and in the end, cannot tahan alrd. Boom, go chop that sofa and sleep.
He left for lesson and after that tian and lim came =)
So i knew it was dinner time.
In the end i never go for helpdesk cause lim had the installer.
But still never solve the problem.
I think i’ll just stick to using notepad and visio for my work !
Oldschool okay ?:D

Had chicken rice with tian, lim , Al , lenny.
I think the chicken rice not bad.
The barley was nicee and my fav kangkong!
I was eating and suddenly was trying to hold my laughs.
Suddenly was reminded the other day when we had madjack, I shared like dope lots of things with tian and I felt like super full, so I started to say things like: ” Do you think that we ordered too much” and ” I think the food okay only lor”. These are symptoms of me being full.

sisterly love.

exco 09/10 with advisors.
MIA Jerry 😦

excos 07/08 , excos 08/09 , exocs 09/10
Thanks for coming back seniors=)



I like this photo alot ! Ho unglam !

Miss Angela Wee.

Al send me this.
And this is my DB teacher. He is funny and super cute !
A very nicee lecturer also =D

And good news ! I got some one to accompany me for driving lessons this saturday !


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