Tired mirah

Investiture today was šŸ˜¦ for me.
I felt that we missed out a lot of things and like don’t have the hweeling.
Hoseh liao.
The president speech I’m like trembling and talking tooooooo fast.
Die liao lor.

I was early at school early to pass the MOB and some forms to finance.
Went to clubhouse and ah-tian was there.
Al came after his lessons.
I bought a new pair of heels but in the end i never wear cause like too loose for me .
In the end i wore the same old one.
But I like the new heels .nicee.
Al go wear my heels.
He look srsly feminine in the shoes can.
hahas , shall post the pictures when i get ’em

Went for dinner at Kap with Al, Ho, and Mag.
I had happy meal but don’t have the hello kitty one šŸ˜¦
sad la . I want to get the hello kitty one .

Ps: I realised I havent seen girls since ying’s chalet.
I miss you girls manxz! xoxo.
ketchup soon.

for that special someone which is everyone,
wan an .


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