Life’s been pretty screwed up.
With deadlines fast then the lightning speed.
Omg! hoseh liao.

Went to SU office to borrow the walkie.
Slack there like abit.
Chit-chat, chit-chat. The environment there like ke not bad ah. still got lepak corner.
Wah, one day I must go there one.
Cannot waste resource.

Had our investiture rehearsal yestd.
I’m worried for tml’s president speech. I speak too fast already.
Everything ended like super late la .
It was almost 12 when i reached home.
Bused back with ah-ho, gossip girls xoxo.
Saw kokseng, kelkel,yingting on the bus.
Like so qiao can!

I very the tired now !

hello kitty, play with us today
this is the only thing that kept me going for the day.


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