Happy Birthday DarenCHia.
=)hope your ecad demo went well
and berenice’s viva presentation.

Thank you for the present guys.
Al, Alvin , YongJie,Shaun,Jingfang, Lina, Tongyang, jocelyn, Mark , Km,Daren,Berenice,Jerry.

Names of the senders.
Al said that his name is the most valuable of all the names there. Eeee, act yi ge =)
The ink smudge a little cause kanna water =(

I tried the body butter.
Damn nicee!

Oh yar, I did a test on Fb “How aunty/uncle are you?”
Phoebe & Ah-Ho got 10% and I’ve got 20%.
I started to doubt the reliability of the test.
But when Ah-tian did the test, she got 50% !
Woah, I’m starting to believe in the results of the quiz =)


Look here ! =)

Bo-jong, here’s for you !

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