Good morning/afternoon.

I had a great night sleep. slept like a pig =D
hahas, shiokness can!
But I woke up with a bad flu.
I think it must be due to lack of sleep on the other days.
Always happens this way for me.

I’ve got a long to-go list.
At least to be done before they leave.
1.See aeroplanes
3.Singapore Flyer
4.Botanic gardens
6.Fish farm
7.Glasshouse(Fish&co) [But with the live performance]

Actual intention is to go for a short trip maybe to KL/Genting before wuhan.
But it has to be done 2 weeks before they go wuhan and that will be during exam periods.
If not will kanna 2 weeks quarantine there. So like no point. haha .

I think today dayout with girls is cancelled?
never received any msg from them.
Think they are busy ?

these few days after eating i will have stomachaches.
maybe the food too oily bahs .
My throat is like so pain. drank too much orange juice yestd šŸ˜›
I guess girls are still girls after all, they’ll get jealous.
When you thought you were in the right track, but then someone cuts the lane without any signaling.
I really hate this.
Please Don’t ask me what this means .


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