Happy Happy birthday.

Woah, I’m finally 18 . Feel so old out of a sudden.

Frenchclass was super difficult partly because I’m like Fb-ing and not paying attention.
Met baha, wy, banqi at makan place for a while.
Actually we wanted to lunch but then they ate without us.

Then i went to look for Al. and yongjie.
Hardworking can.
I like play play play.
Drove out with Al, Alvin, Tian, Mervin
Al drove like he is drving race car sia . you tune too much alrd la .haha .
Had chicken rice, My favorite can !
Dapao Chicken Rice for Yongjie, passed to him and support Leonard’s I&E.

After that went oldclubhouse , meet the rest and went off for their runner’s relay.
They did their best already πŸ˜€ I’m proud of you guys kay.
hahas , while they were preparing for their run, me ho and tian sat down at gossip ! we also got cheer for them la.
And finally we found the same common topic ! I thought i was the only one who thought it that way. We 3 macam jie-mei likethat.
and they wear super short FBTs. wahlao, the legs is even slimmer then me 😦
Go away ! πŸ˜›

Waited for them to get washed up and went to Fish &Co for dinner.
Too bad no live band .Sadded la 😦
But i still enjoyed the food and company.
Thank you Al, Alvin, Jingyin, Corrinne , JerryLoo, Junkai, Leonard, Zhiyang, Mervin, Mark, Kianmeng and Yongjie for like helping me celebrate this day!
Xie xie ni men !
too bad xueqi and phoebe never come 😦

Tian, Corrinne and Jerry went home first.
While we go arcade play games.
I played my favourite “House of Dead 4”, “Daytona” and ” Maximum Tune”.
Shiok la that game !
Played for the 1st time, they helped me with the gear and I won Km =D
Al let me tune his car but I do more trouble then help cause I drove like a “formula 1” driver.
Keep banging in to the rails . Oppx 😑 Sorry la .
I see them playing is super interesting can ! But I think i did fell asleep for awhile while waiting.
We play until damn late la, until no bus go home!
I bused back with Al and took cab from YCK!
Wah I tell you, is scary when you are alone.
I just reached home like around 1.40 am and I’m to report at school by 7.30 AM tomorrow!
Die, I don’t think i gonna make it.

Long day tml.
Parents forum, their I&E dota competition, and daren’s bbq .

Sunday maybe going out with girls ?

I gonna sleep now.
If not chui…
Nites !


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