okok , Blogger now sot one !
Can only blog a little i think 😦

Today I only have lecture & ended super early 1030am.
I went to class listen to their presentation. Die -.-

While waiting for Janice, met the rest at C3 . Then i tot of like staying with them study a while. But then i promised janice to go home tgt , So paiseh la, ps you all.
Go support gina with her kacang putih I&E. My favourite sugared peanuts !

Went to cwp awhile and checked on the necklaces. chill out abit. then go home.

I was prepared to go and celebrate ying’s birthday and i received a message from jerry . 😦
need go back school .
Went C2 look for Al,Alv,Jy.
Makan a little and go back .

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.

Then go home.

And today i went home with Mr. Ruvyn Tng!
Wah i like long time never see him can ! keep disturb my butterfly. wahlaos . he lend me listen to the song. nicee sia . SEND ME !
We played the taigu game. Fun sia 😀
got mini games also.

phoebe never come school today. So quiet 😦


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