french lessons today πŸ˜€
It’s getting harder and harder lesson by lesson.
but it’s still a very cool language.
My oral assignment sucks man . Like totally . Keep peeping at the paper .

Helped ah-tian and group with I&E.
They were selling balloons for charity.
coolios yo.
The wind was blowing like no one’s business and we had to go chase after the balloons la .
Al and Yj came down.
I dapao lunch/dinner to new clubhouse.
They went off for some talk.
Wah, I sat down and did my dwa.
Like ke so-not-me.

M. & Jy

V. M. Jy


french words! try knowing them, super not friendly at all.

Jy, M, V.
nicee shot.

M , V , Jy.

Cleo, my favourite. But please don’t go buy this month’s copy.

Mervin headphones.
Nice πŸ˜€ , but i prefer bigger ones cause I’ve got a bigger head.

Here is something for them.
So much for laughing at my shoes being tight.
Just a little prank = P

Yj, the monobrow.


I’m going sleep soon.
Goodnight loves =)

Counting down to my birthday πŸ˜€

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