threads of destiny

P & classmates went to watch some movie called haunting in Connecticut.
I hope it’s nice.

Waited for them in the new clubhouse alone.
Is f scary sia. So i left the door open.
Did my dwa in the meanwhile πŸ™‚
*scratch heads*
No sleep for me tonight!

kay, I watched Threads of destiny already.
I’m so glad they need to do their OOAD proj and that they didn’t watch with us cause I don’t think they will like it . But the male lead is so like omg-de-cute! I did cried cause it was somekind of touching for me.
The movie was allright, but “Sky of love” is better!
Had Fish& CO ! Is good ah! I love the mint candy they gave us after the meal .
After dinner, we went around looking for necklaces.
I like the butterfly and the heart pendant. should i ?
But like butterfly…OMG, they are gonna laugh at me again .

I so wanna watch Harry Porter! shall we ?
but maybe wait till the later dates cause I want to enjoy the movie at a good seat.


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