dumb wisdom tooth.

I open the classroom door and i was totally stunned.
Cause I saw Mr.Lai shao bin.
Eyes pop out jaw drop.

Stayed for awhile and did our ebp proj.
Did some shifting to the new clubhouse, organise abit and went for dinner with the rest.
They is the super funny can.
Me, Al, Jy, Alv had subway ! (good food) and i was reminded of yestd’s joke saying what i look like the double chocolate chip. Like wth -.-

The wisdom is causing me more pain then pleasure.
Seriously la , I want to pluck the extra calcium out (like teeth = calcium)
Super irritating. Can someone accompany me to pluck ?

I like my blogsong alot !
Cause it’s super nice =D
Very sad story also .

I wanna watch threads of destiny .

But it is going off cinemas soon 😦



M.G – My 10 year friend and going on πŸ˜€

M. Jm. See the colour contrast.

My beloved girls who gave me the best memories ever.

M. & K – She’s my twinny , just that I’m tanner than her.

I dno what’s wrong with blogger. Cannot upload photos .ARGhhs.

And lastly,
Happy 19th birthday to yingying & berenice.
Same age , same birthdate πŸ˜€

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