Good touhuay.

Met them yestd at town and went for touhuay.
The famous Rochor road tou huay is good ah !
There was Me. P. A . Jy. Alv . Al. Ch.
I never dapao any touhuay back cause my family all sleep very early.

After that we went to arcade and play games.
The house of dead is super fun ! Me &P play untill like so nervous !
I played daytona also. Me &Al. Pk and i lost 😦
but actually he no intention of winning, trying to stalk time for me so I can play longer.
They went to “tune” for awhile and we went back alrd.
Of course, in the meanwhile ogt camwhore a lil bit.

I finally collected my clothes already.
Abit far from what I imagined 😦
But i still think it’s nice yo .
And the bus today very very very cold.
I Dont/like.

Changed my to BoA’s Mv. I like la .
hahas , got cyborg inside .
then got this super chio necklace la . I want ! But cannot find 😦


P & M .

P. M . Ch.

he tune, we watch.


M. Ch.

I like this photo although i look eyeball-less

P . m

I tied this to school today .

I’m loving it.

Like finally, I’m getting the NgeeAnn jacket.

Cute/hot korean guys.



nickhun & seulong.

He’s like the another new found love =D

Jy send me this. like so crazy !
tak glam photos la .

I see sheep jumping on cloud 9.


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