belated :D

Today I got back my Database paper . Got an C for it. I think still can la but can be better.
School ended like super early today , 1Pm . wahaha, is super shiok.
And the weather today is good ah !
I like = D

Went home to put down my laptop and then off to cwp to meet xueqi/phoebe.
hahas , when it’s three of us tgt, it is gossip girls to the action šŸ˜€
Sat MOS and then gossip gossip eat šŸ˜€
Shiok ah !
xueqi, so sorry la , that we like keep pushing the dates šŸ™‚
well i enjoyed myself today šŸ˜€

hahas , i heard that helping out for polyexperience is being paid ?
$$ wah wah , If really get paid… I’m gonna save half and spend half šŸ˜€
(i’ve got a feeling i wouldn’t spare a single cent)
hahas ,
I hear alot of nice new songs šŸ˜€
But i can find it la !
jiu ming ah , i really want the songs šŸ˜€


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