waste of money.

I did a terrible mistake today.
My lesson today was supposed to be at 10am.
But I mistook it for 11 am .
So happy me, woke up at 9 am , dilly dally go prepare and msg phoebe to meet at bustop.
Then she told me ” Mirah today lesson is 10 am lei “
Wahwahwah, she like drop a bomb on me.
Then kan chiongly, just took everything i could see and left house.
Waited for the cab like damn long , damn long. And finally i got into one .
And the driver is Good ah! he drove like 120km/h on the expressway .
Wah is super shiok can ! Need to grab to something . Like my auntie she drives on expressway with speed of 95km/h ,which is safe but v.sian.

hahas , turning 18 soon means im gonna go take driving soon ! SOON!

Sleeping time. tata šŸ˜€


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