Went back to school with the intention to pack clubhouse.
but like what I’ve said, “with the intention”.
In the end I never we never do that.
Me and tian was there sitting and slacking.
Al. came and look for us & slack tgt while he does his MOB.
I was really damn bored and started writing some bo-liao stuffs on the bored.
And i wrote using some permanent marker.
-.- kanna scold dumb.
After that we went to MS for ICE AGE 3 3D !
I like the movie cause very touching 😀

head to jh. bday at sentosa .
wahlao, I was so lost about changing trains and keep on walking around to find the correct excalator. like idiot. Then when i reach the ticket booth, paid for the tix using 10 dollar note, but that machine gave me a change of 7 x $1 coins.

i really miss them alot manxzx .
Well , i had a lot of laughters & catch up/updates.
usual routines done.
The wind was nice, moon was round.
Life without msn/internet was like hell manxzzx.
So played cards.
But like most of them was asleep,
me and jeremy played 1 VS 1 .
And in the end, i won the most 😀

Went back to school for investiture meeting.
So since i was at Sean Inn , i decided to dapao sugarcane juice cause the weather is f hot .
And in the bus, I sat at the beside the window.
With all the sun on me, I think I’ve got a slight burn.
Cause my face hurts .
burning sensation.

Went for lunch and it was good ah !
hahas, shiokness !
Head to NTUC for 1 round and we finally get to see how itchy can Al. hands go.
is super itchy, see everything also squeeze .
I bought corn 😀
My fav.

Loo & Ho went pa-tuo.
So the rest of us went home.
Actually wanted to go yj’s house, but then i reach home , while waiting, i fell asleep . -.-
They sure at there game one.
And because of this no/little sleep night yestd, I got flu now !
Heng never go , if not pass to them .

Wahliew, I really need a mp3 la .
My phone is lagging because of all the songs inside.
After all it’s a ice cream phone. cannot tahan too many “toppings/extra ingredients”

more visuals next time.
sleep now.
Goodnights 😀


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