The rain killed our day for picnic, and lazyiness to even step out the door to meet at cwp.
Xueqi, We’ll have a celebration for you =D
I wont forget =D

procrastination kills. when the day’s bout to end, i was suddenly reminded of my to-do list. Been like sitting infront of the computer screen aimlessly. Surfing the net, watching videos of hot korean idols. How i wish i was as motivated as when i google/fb/youtube. My senses banned me from all studying materials this weekend, chalet/meetings. School’s been a routine&bore and the only thing i look forward to school is the end of class. I need to find a new motivation to keep me studying, but apparently I’ve not found one.

I found this on the web!
Cute =D

This photo i like . Kinda cool i thnk.


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