I don’t like the word " inclusive".

My day today was…
I got back my EBP paper .
Heng i got pass .
D+ 😦
But it is still not enough can.
I need to buck up !

After school, went to clubhouse & meet loo/ho.
Slack for while, Al. came , meet tian and we went for the meeting.
The meeting is super fast i think .
We need to present on our activities and jerry ask me to do the presentation!
Wahlao , I like laughing at my own presentation . Felt so dumb for a moment.
Next, dinner ! HAPPIEST MOMENT of the day !
Macdonalds again -.- I’m getting so sick and tired of it But I still love it 😀
And i had…. HAPPY MEAL !
The new toy is so cute la ^^ It’s the squirrel in ICE AGE . Damn cute can .

I finished my homework, updating primers blog and now , MOB !
Oh no!

To know such a thing to happen is very disappointing, to think that we trust you .
Let me catch you and you’ll be in deep trouble.


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