common test over.

Finally the last paper ended today .
EBP paper the max .
The paper ended like quite early so we left for suntec.
There was me , phoebe , ah tian, laoda, alphon , ben and george.
Wanted to go to Bkt.Timah for lunch first but we missed the stop .
Too busy talking .
So in the end we decided to just have lunch at PS .
The guys went to ‘tune’, it was some kind of racing game.
And of course we girls, shopping !
But this time round was window shopping .
Walked passed this baby place, and knowing alphon like kids, we brought them 2 to see the babies.
Super cute sia . My heart like melted kays.

Since we got some extra time, we watched “Drag me to hell”.
I swear that it was damn scary.
& I’m never gonna seat beside ah-tian anymore during this kind of shows.

I need to rush back to school for the financial training by 6 .
But we just board the bus at like 5 plus.
So it’s a guarantee late.
Loo called me and i told him i was still at town, he gave me the ZZZZ feel.
And then he called ah-tian, and she told him that she was beside me.
ZZZZZ x987654321 .
We went to the wrong place and made a grand entrance again .
Then go there listen for 15 mins, then finish already .
I just warm my chair only lei . Sianxzxz
The rest having meeting at so we went there see see.
Hope tml goes well 😀

a. & p.

a. & j.

a. & a.

a. & a.

Mirah is a happy girl cause she : the tickets to ZChen campus concert 😀
p/s: hoorays , I hope they are going with me toos .
❤ 2.Thought she can't watch "Drag me to hell" but in the end we still watch 😀 ❤

I’m a happy girl today
cause CT’s over.


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