It’s gonna be a shot short short post .(I think)

ton-study session wasn’t productive.

i kinda of like the cappuccino

Went back to school after that for jen tock’s lesson and i swear he never fails to make us laugh .
Managed to listen during first lesson .
went for lunch with phoebe, ah-ben and alphon and went back for round 2
But i slept all the way . When i woke up, phoebe told me that we can leave alrd.

Reached home, bath, boom, sleep again.
I woke up at 8 pm , brush teeth , boom, sleep till 8 in the morning.
Incredible right?
I’m impressed too.

Went back to school for handover stuffs.
Ah , feel the sudden nervousness.
But also excited.
Went ikea after that, walked around, trying the sofa beds, sofas till km told us that the person was staring at us.
Bused back to wdls to study(actually), but we ended in the cinema watching “Monsters VS Aliens”. The movie was super funny 😀 srlsy

And And And, the bag i carried today , they say very niceee.
haha, i also don’t know why i feel so happy.

I want to get new shoes cause my converse spoil le .
Sadded . I intend to glue that portion up ?
Like ke cheapskate , but nvm i shall try.

Went around window-shopping, and we got into action city.
Saw this bread which reminds me of alphon.

Cause he likes to pinch the bread in the supermarkets and everywhere where there’s bread.

laoda de nui ren 😀

So into korean now .
Oh no!
Kills my mood for studying for CT.
OH NO x 987654345679654321.

Oh yar, that day i wore like this too school which made me feel very happy also.

I lookfat&short here(Although I’m fat i know :p)

I know this was supposed to be a short post but then …
Ciaos !


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