I’ve great friends around me.

had our first meeting yestd.
decided on the posts already.
and went for dinner tgt.

Previous visuals.

i like the MSI pink.

Managed to do my practical with the help of jeremy.
Thanks for being such a nice friend to me and phoebe.
Always helping us with this and that (many stuffs)

Thank you jeremy.

IS ended early so i went to look for phoebe and acc her for her presentation.
And i was sleeping infront of her lecturer.
I was feel super tired.
So i went home after that.

The 963 bus i was on was super stuffy.
And there’s is alot of people.

The moment i reached home, pomp, i fell asleep .
I think i’ve been accumulating all the tiredness from these weekends at camps, and night sessions with my ICT clique and all other stuffs.

tml i’m going to school … to study !
need to really buck up 😀

I miss the girls and of course the guys too.
And now I won’t be going for NDP motivators.
The lesser i will see them.
But i still love you all kays .


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