It’s called deadline for a reason .

mundane school life.
Did an AFD just now , difficult.
Helped phoebe with her IS experiment.
Then went Clubhouse with A. to study.
He taught me DWA and i finally understand some of the things.
Everything is allright until the moment i reached home and continued on DWA.
F. It got some error that i totally dont understand at all .
Tried deleting and doing a new one , but then more problems pop up.
Super pekcek !
So i decided to wait for my SOS . Rather then me meddling some of the stuffs making it more complicating.

i need to hand in all my dwa practicals by sunday.
If not, I’ll be dead.

Many things troubling me.
And one of the major one is D.
I don’t know where this rumor started and i’m here to clarify that there’s nothing going btn us. Putting the picture as a dp just means that i like the picture cause it’s nice. I bet no one wants to put a ugly photo as a dp right. D is my friend who i look up to as a big bro. And I’ve nothing for him .He’s not my cup of tea and I’m definetely not his cup of tea. Idk if I’m the one being paranoid here,but I think we 2 are distancing ourselves away because of this rumour. I hope that this won’t affect our friendship cause I do treasure this friendship and do not wish to lose this greatfriend. Take note : It’s friendship and nth else. So whoever out there, stop questioning.I know many will think that why for i try to explain this stuff. Because this has no truth at all. And this friend means a lot to me.
And please stop asking him in any way that will cause him any inconvenience.


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