Shin + Eski Bar.

Hey people,

I know I’ve not been posting for some time.
But I was really busy with school stuffs and camps.

Shin & Eski bar.
Visuals below.

me & duncan.

all ready to go .

dare to give me this face. carefull ah .

pengyou buddy buddy. 😀 face.

duncan doing face.


me & daren .

mirah & jt.


mirah & jt again .

my pengyou 😀

together together.

mirah , alvin , duncan.

jt , leonard, mirah , alphon , alvin , mark.

alvin , alphon , mirah , duncan.

me and ah-ben.

my tan brother.

tomyam , jocelyn , km , alphon , ben , mirah , alvin , duncan.

same people but then the picture was abit off.

going back .

while waiting.
p/s: they looked though they were taking some MV shots.


buay song alrd la .

duncan saloon.
customer: mark.

km & mirah.

more next week 😀

Leadership camp.
Made new friends so i think that’s the best part of the camp.

our night walk activity: make sure the flame is always on during the walk.
like some holy activities.

i look dumb i know.

shot 1 fail.

shot 2.

can believe that this is taken using my lg icecream phone 😀


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