Shokudo !

Marines Group Outing.
Went to ITE dover to help alex collect his Eagles award.
Met the group at PS and went to minds cafe.
I like playing the board games there.
It’s fun !
Steamboat after that .
And tauhway after that.

IG meeting.
I’m feeling so excited cause next sat is Induction already
OMG! Went for lunch at Pines .
Took a little tour around almumni

SB/GM meeting.
Brief the GMs on the games and did our trial of games.
I bet the whole IG PC felt happy after the trial cause at least the games we planned are fun .
grace mother drove us down to bugis
Went to crash pirates outing.
And steamboat . AGAIN!
But this time together with my PCs and ICT mates.
Played arcade and left for home.


dedicated to yj , the monobrow.

alex, berenice,me,markeded.

at kismis.

3DO Camp Outing Sentosa.
I had fun there . It has been a while since i played volleyball.
Some funny stuffs happened during the outing.
Stayover at alex house and had supper .
Thanks to his sis.
Johnnie Walker Black Label + redbull was great.
Went down for supper and watched some funny videos.
Headed home and boom, sleep.


phoebe ❤



Today was bryant’s advanced birthday celebration.
Met up with lingyi , alex berenice murphy junkai lijun and jessica first to get his present.
Got “LV” mattress for him.
After that headed for Shokudo for dinner.
The food there is a bit pricey but i think it turned out not so bad.
Bought drinks and slacked outside taka.
Blowing bubble with the kids there , camwhore .



with freshies.







i bet everyone look red after the sun yestd.

IG Meeting 😀

this is what i did over the week,
with my ICT cliques/campmates.
busy bee.

and i think sunday is the only day im free.
rest and dinner with girls ?
sounds great , im gonna ask them 😀

I’m missing time to spend with my girls.


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