Induction Day

I’m feeling so excited these few days.
Over induction.
First time planning such a big event.
So , our PCom favourite line
” May IG be a success . Ti Gong Bor Bi Dip Dip , GYM Bor Bi Dip Dip “
GYM is guan yin ma . lols

Lunch at Pines cafe and banged into the lecturers.
Omg , I was like …
When we went into the cafe, we saw this big table but it was reserved .
wahlao , sian-ed. after that the lecturers walk in and …wah more sian-ed.
so the reserved seats was for them.

explored the Alumni clubhouse.
like ke not bad .
once i got my hands on my NAA card , wah i chiong to the gym there.
cause like no people de sia.
got halo bar somemore.

tommorrow is SB/GM meeting.
need wake up early again.

I must admit that this holiday is bad for my liver.


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