damn tired

hey peeps

Yesterday I went for IG meeting .
Damn hard core , one whole day sia .
But fun arh šŸ˜€
After that , took grace’s car and went to queensway shopping centre to settle some of the t-shirt stuffs.
Her driving skills arh , best .
Went to Ikea for dinner , walked around and bused home .

The moment I reach home , When I was just about to sleep ,
evil called and asked whether want go look for them/freshies anot.
I steady one . Of course okay la .
So cabbed down to esplanade .
Felt so sorry to the cab driver.
I was kind of fierce to him , like those bu shuang feeling.

There was the pirates freshies (daren , jocelyn , dong yang )
and mark , kianmeng , daren , alex , berenice.

Went for K session with them .
The freshies like so shy
don’t dare sing .
I sing like dno what . The voice is like super chui .
Cause got sore throat.
Sang till 6 in the morning .
And cabbed back to wooldands cause evil need go shao mu .
Went for prata before going back

Finally my freshies outing is next week šŸ˜€
hahahs , can come crash people.

This week like no time sleep like that .
Like the day before went drinking with them ,5 plus reach home .
The day before and before , camp .
Nvm ,this holiday just chiong only.

cam whore in the lift.

wahlao , damn algae la.
alex and mark.

alex , tomyum , meat-eater , ah-lian , km , cc , mirah , daren , daren .
Thanks berenice help us take picture.

me and berenice šŸ˜€

everybody nua tgt .


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