Been busy these few days .
So kinda lazy to upload over-due pictures and videos.

Went Alex chalet after the sentosa event.
When i reached they were cutting cake , so got little smeared by water , cream.
And most importantly I have no more clothes to change la .
Started to drizzle but his uncle was still busy bbq-ing the food for us .
Our task was to clear up the food.
So we played games , loser eats.
And the 3rd time , drink .

After a round of games , eating , drinking,
went back to the room for some talking talking lo .
some rubbish crappings and slept for awhile.

Alex’s bro-in-law gave us a ride home.
Then his nephew and sis damn funny la
cause they were both seating in the front seat, then we saw this police car .
Wah then her sis kanchiong, ask lucas to hide la .
hahas , then lucas still gong gong dno what happen .
Until he saw the car , then he suddenly hide.
hahas i laugh untill dno what la .

Mum went to chalet ,
so left me and dad at home.
Kinda scared to sleep so i stayed awake till like 5 then go to sleep .

i haven’t been seeing kahmei fann sharon gina janice yingying phoebe xueqi for sometime alrd la
I think it was like 2 weeks ago .
I miss them badly la .


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