Air + Light Ray

-A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Finally finished the exams for this week.
Paper was easy but i didn’t really study for it .
So i think abit wasted .

Saw janice in school
So happy you know .
Cause I was taking to xueqi abt loves.
Like not been meeting them for very longtime .

Then we went t B.Timah Plaza .
Wanted to eat korean food , but never open.
So we changed to pizza hut.
Chatted alot alot alot alot .
Damn funny .
But i enjoyed myself.

Bused down to woodlands at took shuttle bus to Semb.Shopping Centre.
Very big difference now la .
Got daiso , cotton on , espirit …..
Wahlao , I’m still thinking about the pumps that comes in a colour of the paddlepop ice-cream and the silver pumps.Like so nice can .
Then went Espirit .
Tried on some clothes and in the end i got myself 2 tops .
Omg , savings gone .
Must scrimp up and save for hol and camp and chalet.
Not forgetting my friends brithday coming soon
People like fann alex jeremy ?
think there’s no more alrd bahs

Took train home and It was raining very heavily.
And AND AND i saw rainbow .
It’s gorgeous . Totally ,
the nicest rainbow that i’ve ever seen.
I was crossing the overhead bridge and i saw a whole stretch of people standing across the bridges just to capture such a magnificent scene .




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