korean fever .


an nyong ha sye yo?

My love for korea is burning at *a very high* Celsius.
Been stuck/glued/nailed/melt into my chair the whole day ,
headphones in , and paying my 101 attention to my computer screen.
total 宅女 。

Just watched finish the show ft.him(hyunjoong) &hwangbo on we got married.
Damn niceeeee!
And he’s damn cute , as in DAMN CUTE.
(i know yingying will totally agree with me 😀 )

and this is lee min ho .
kor version of dao ming si .
the boys over flowers are FAB!
should go watch .

if i could apply like 1/100 hardworking-ness in Searching hi-and-low for the videos in my studies,
woahsey , I would have became a GPA 4.0 model student.
(yes , would have )

Die liao lor .
NF paper on wed .
negative zero knowledge on NF .
i think gonna call for Lady luck on wed .
(all red – hahas )

Totally in love in this song.
Mirotic by DBSK
Esp the front part of the song .
Give’s me the feeling of people blasting music in the studio and I’m outside hearing to it .


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