happy day .

edited: 0109 .

Happy valentines day .
Went to barrage for picnic.
So met xueqi @ town and headed to PS to get some stuffs.
Carried the cake around and everyone was like looking at me
MALU man .

Met Phoebe and shafiq at Marina and took the shuttle bus .
First time there , hmms … very hot …
A lot of people.
ok la , not very alot.
So we had gossiping session , bitching session and suan-ing session.
Cut the cake I baked.
I think the happiest part about today was that the cake was successful, xueqi’s gift, and the people who went with me.
Well tooked alot of pictures with them .
Sinyee and zhiying came too 😀

see the couples like pair pair one like envy lor
Aiyah , used to it already man .
hahas, no more shuttle bus already .
Means walk to the bus stop .
F far la and super dark
Then i pick up a phone call which practically spoiled my mood for the rest of the day .
Irritating la .
Sorry friends , for sulking like a kid justnow.

Heard from raddish that god go cut hair .
So curious arh , I think he’ll look more like xiao di di .
I thought he joking about cutting his hair.

Going to lib tml study with fann
Although the paper is like 1 week plus away but I guess not harm studying early
and since staying away from home.
I sick and tired of going home and see that face.

thank you xueqi for the gift 😀

zhiying 😀

fat boy 1

zhiying 😀

fat boy 2

more peaktures tml .
lazy already .

wah wah so serious .

boring la so camwhore lor 😀

i drew this, laugh at me wear poncho .
see what he got in the end.

i think this picture nice .

More peaktures !

I want to go fly kite again.

the cake i baked .
Sian-ed by the destroyed D,

no candles so pocky lor 😀

celebrating single-hood.
perhaps , i should change my blog URL to igotbulldozerthighs.bs.com
hahas .

cut cake happy happy.

got soda biscuit filling inside .
😀 my creativity lei

xueqi made this for me !
thank you !

omg , hungry ghost.


ohhhs ,

take photo ,


they say it look liked a heart shape .
then i replied”Vday mahs “

shafiq fat.

fight , battle . Yes , i win .!

just nice sia ,

shafiq fat.

nth to do lor ,

wahlao this picture is like i bring my daughter overseas than take picture .

pose pose pose.

smile smile smile

emo shot?

😀 😀 😀 😀

cheers to singlehood.


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