Bye accounts

Had my accounts paper today.
So after lunch at subway , went to library to see our “consultant”
It was raining so heavily and we wondered what’s the use of the shelters since it not really sheltered us from the rain.

Accounts paper was difficult and I’m not really confident if it la

I think the best part of today is that we went KAP with the guys ,
(jeremy, jm , baha , weiyang , xuebin,aslam , junji)
I realised xuebin is really like the sha wang of the class.
Jeremy is like raddish .
jm is like the infant in the class . 31 december .
junji is like charlie chaplin . soft spoken but funny.
baha is the meow meow one.
weiyang=XL šŸ˜€ ( you know i dont mean it *cross fingers*)
aslam , the only malay šŸ˜€
Well, our class doesn’t has a lot of after school activities.
It’s like after lessons , we do our own stuffs .
So im kinda happy that we have this little session tgt .
And finally we settled the class chalet .
Im happy okay , HAPPY.

i hope i wont retake accounts next sem , so im gonna pray very hard or wish very hard that i’ll pass accounts (as in overall)

valentines day is this saturday .
Going down to marina barrage with the singles .
Since we have nth better to do .
a picnic maybe ,
(i dno why this whole thing sounds like matchmaking session)

Other than this happy and sad stuffs ,
I miss my cliques man !
I hope they’ll study very hard and score well for their exams .

I more paper for me and im off to holidays .
Perhaps eventfull holidays .


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