a never ending.

I realised my blog’s stopped at the post which i post about Onew’s singing.

So shall make a little update now .
Last friday, went evil’s house for mahjong.
Chiong th Eat-Shit-And-Die assignment until morning
And evening to primers dnd.
Went to a “party” and mahjong.
T-zai so cute la .
Lost money to them during mahjong.

Just now I meet cliques for dinner @ Dian Xiao Er.
Quite nicee.
Actually it was supposed to be a celebration for junyong and jinwee.
Many of us went so we had to seperate into 2 tables lo .
So, we girls sat tgt and was talking about some things that M18 but i really found it funny .
I had like so much laughter today .
We took our”private” lift down and they were like giving junyong birthday bash .
Well , hopes he succeeds in wooing ——-.

And , I went for movie with jeremy/kenny/vanessa .
Caught BrideWars .
I think it was okay , kinda boring lor .
Almost slept .
And today is the last day for IS .
I think i will miss them ? some of them ?
Cause i think they are v.intresting people.
But always bully me laaa.
And stop talking bout’a soggy biscuit .okay ?
*roll eyes * 😀

Gonna do esad again .


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