I had fun today.

Lesson today was boring lor . TOTALLY .
Programming + Networking.

Went for break during Programming lesson.
Had early lunch .

I think my Networking teacher can be a monk le lor.
For a moment ,I thought i was in Shaolin Temple.
His lesson like chanting period . Almost everybody was feeling so lethargic (i guess la ).
So i went a lot of long toilet breaks to avoid the chants. Even Zhiying the hardworking girl also came out for break sia.
And my classmate was laughing for no reason constantly for like 5mins plus. Totally lor.

I think best part for the day was Shopping with xueqi , sinyee , peishan , zhiying.
We went bugis first . The bugis street was like sauna and there’s like more guys than girls .
Surprised. Went around and I found my pants πŸ˜€
SO SO SO SO SO SO happy , the exactly same one that i’ve been wanting to have πŸ™‚
So i bought 2 at 1 go . JUST ONLY πŸ˜€ And now I got the member card. Next time go still got discount. Really saw alot of things that I want get badly.
Like the cap , shorts, shoes and wallet/purse …and more caps .
hahas , I think the caps were really comfortable . Just nice πŸ˜€
Oh yar , we saw jane and her sister also .
Her sister quite pretty , and look very friendly too.
After the rest went off , me and xueqi browsed the shops while waiting for Mr.Jeremy to come meet us.
AND AND AND I saw dearest sharon .
2 times somemore laa. And is xueqi was the one who noticed .
the second time was when she just beside me and I didn’t noticed .
hahas , I think we were too engrossed in shopping.

Went for dinner @LJS .
They told me about their class chalet and I think their class damn cute laa.
So many funny things happened . I wish my class was also like that .
Laugh untill face numb .
We stayed inside for quite long time and headed to Town to acc jeremy to get his burberry shirt.

Burberry lei . Damn ex la .
OMG , cost a bomb sia . $220 lei .
Expensive sia . Can buy my crumpler bag with it lor .

I got my mask again at wisma and jeremy got his shoes .
Nice sia , we help him choose de lei .
me & xq went to dorothy perkins and jeremy gf came .
woah , she quite good-looking and friendly also .
P/s: Jeremy got touched anot ? ! WE praise your gf lei . ^^

Continued shopping and sat down for a talk.
their class is like rollar-coaster ride .
So happening so fun so funny .
Chot chat for quite long untill all the exits we closed .
Went taka to get drinks and talk again.
and jeremy dont forget our pact arh , Go Flesh Imp shop hor.

The wonderful relationship btn Girls and toilets.

See his funny face.

We love shopping.

He loves shopping too .
Shopping king for the day sia .
ok only la hor , $400 still got change .

thanks goodboy(self proclaimed), for helping us take the bag.
(see me and xueqi so nice la . )

I think my blog is getting boring and boring day by day .

erhems , the nike jacket hor . ^^
Birthday: july 24 . hahas

OKAY OKAY , so far I really enjoyed myself today .
Goodnight’s people.


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