My big question.

Before I start my post , Can i ask a question …
What is a “soggy biscuit” ?

Weihong la , started this whole soggy biscuit thingy from my Oreo key chain.
He say the key chain a bit sticky sticky , then there comes the soggy biscuit .
I really don’t know what that means while almost everyone in the lift was like laughing at me .
Even the girl i didn’t know was also laughing.

Today totally like slacking lesson la .
Played Left 4 Dead.
Not bad , quite fun.
With weihong , kenny , jeffery and jeremy.
they super bad , leave me alone .
Bully me la , careful arh i tell you.
I feel everyone’s attacking me today. Fine Fine .

Teacher even stand behind me and watch me play.
Telling me to go there , go here .
I think he also want to play lor.
Nono , i think he got play before .
(nods nods )
So today’s lesson = free and easy. SHIOK !

After school went town with vanessa , kenny , gab.
Had pepperlunch and felt so cheated.
Gab got the set lunch and we didn’t know about it at all lor
But on the lid of his Miso soup got xiaoqiang(dead one somemore!)
Not bad not bad .
We had our eyes on some of the things .
P/s: kenny , the jacket…!!!!
I want get the T shirts from Flesh Imp, Revoltage ,D.Perkins , Nike Sneakers. OMG !
I need funds to support all these laaaaa.
Of course there were some funny/interesting incidents that happened today.
But I think no need blog abt it cause really is malu .

AND AND AND , i got mask from Sasa .
So happy cause….

Kaykay damn not enought sleep .
Yestd nvr sleep a wink . Can’t really fall asleep so I watched Goong.
Wahahhas . Korean dramas can be so addictive .

Seems like in 2009 , the sun tends to set later .
7 pm , I could still see bright.
Longer days, Shorter nights 😦
How i wished they adjust the timetables .



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