happy new year !

Hi loves šŸ˜€
The very first post for year 2009 .

A very good start for year 2009.
Countdown @ying’s house with beloved girls over steamboat .
played game of life and it’s was pretty boring.
So me fann sharon camwhored on ying’s laptop.
And now it’s filled with many of our funny pictures .
Next,drinking games.
After many rounds of games , some managed to stay awake yet some are being haunted by sleeping devils .
Did this seaweed mask which was so shiok .
And i did something real stupid today.
When i reached home , i asked my mum where’s sharon .
lols . dumb.

Eat and play , eat and play , eat and play . i think that’s what i’ve been doing during these 3 weeks of holidays.

being not-so-conscious during celebrations
played drinking games
going out with friends
enjoying almost every minute .
And for the past year ,I’ve met new people.
new classmates , new curriculum.
Experienced new stuffs .
and gain weight šŸ˜¦

Havent really decided what shall be my new year resolution.
So i’ll just hope all the best for me .

I think i’m lacking of sleep yo
reached home this early morning and slept for a few hours only.
These few days is fun because all the celebrations are around the corner
but im so lacking of sleep .

Anyway people , HAPPY new year !


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