Well , Hi loves/readers.

Back from counting down for x’mas at ruvyn’s house .
as in i enjoyed myself Really !
Thanks ruvyn for willing to let us go his house for houseparty.

Meet up with kahmei ,maoquan , vyn ,richard ,ying , sharon and JANICE (birthday girl)

Some went to get their x’mas exchange present and after that we headed to triple8 and we went to get the steamboat stuffs.

richard with his crabstick.

After yestd preparation for the steamboat , i just wanna say this : “times have changed “
it’s no longer the girls being in the kitchen

The guys was sweating out in the kitchen while we girls lazed in the living room watching Tv .

Placed our presents under this lamp . (imagine as the x’mas tree)

we ate first Then the rest came .

So what we did before counting down to xmas was eating , playing , watching tv .

richard and ruvyn.

and tying up people hair into funny funny styles.

my creation šŸ˜€

chunli Vs sumo,

one of their creations.

It was kind of spectacular to see almost every one in the house crowding in front of the Tv to watch little nonya and paying attention to the show .

I was stucked to the Tv cause i suddenly think that the show is niceee.

Finally entering the last few mins of countdown.
So we turned to teletext and countdown .

all the girls in the house waiting for countdown.

woohoos, nervous sia .

my darlings šŸ˜€

all to make it through the night.

HAHAS ,we even had a log cake

everyone around the logcake to take pictures.

finally sharon discovers me šŸ˜€


My loves .
total there was 18 who turned up .

Finally MERRY XMAS !!!

After cake cutting and phototaking.
It was gift xchange time:D
the highlight .

maoquan ->junyong


junyong ->mervin

junhao ->ruvyn


richard ->joankia


jaince ->ying

fann ->maoquan

sharon ->clifford

gina ->weilin

weilin ->janice


joankia ->gina

jeremy ->fann

kahmei ->mirah

clifford ->kahmei

everybody was anxious about what they will get
yet some knew already what they got.


all of us sitting in a circle.

gina’s present . wrapped with newspaper.

the softtoys.

junhao and his mickey mouse hand.

ruvyn and his toy . retard la

richard and his dino.

cute la .

say hi to mickey.

mine mine:D

hahas , present handover.

mervin very sad .

Jeremy got mine and i got jiamei’s present.
it was a full box of sweets , candies.
i think can last me for like 2 months .
Thanks jiamei šŸ˜€

The fun continues with drinking games .
I think im so not suitable to play these type of games , cause im slow and in the end , i kept drinking . Me and ying was like playing this game and i lost like all the way .

after cleaning up the whole steamboat area , slept for a while before we left vyn’s house .
Had breakfast with kahmei before heading home .
Reached home , went to toilet and slept .
Didn’t really sleep la .

Next , i went out for movie at night with
me, kahmei , vyn , yingying , benho , gina and gina’s brother.
The movie was nicee. funny and cute šŸ˜€
I sat beside ying again .Seems like whenever there is she around ,i’ll end up sitting with her. but actually not bad la cause she will talk to me during the movie and i like discussing movie details with ppl beside me šŸ˜€

went down to meet janice and sharon .
chatted for a while .
Then they went jan’s house for mj so me gina&bro ,kahmei and vyn went home first.

My reflection is still half way done .
Gotta complete it tml .

my mental is telling not to sleep but my body is .
So im gonna go sleep .

This year seems to be the BEST x’mas ever !
With all my sec cliques šŸ˜€
I really love them alot yo.

I’ve having an adrenaline rush now .
And i feel like doing crazy/random stuffs now .
piercings,clubbing,pubbing,bungee,shisha,stay out late with my friends.


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