Hey everybody.
back from camp.

Before telling all of you the events , I need to do this real important thing.


this girl turn 17 yestd . Sorry for being able to be there to celebrate your birthday .
Paiseh paiseh . But dont worry , you’ll get your surprise real soon .
Hope you enjoyed your birthday .

Allright, now for more Camp story.
I went for Primer’s Camp.
WOOOHOOO , it was dope .
I did alot of my first time there .
There wasn’t many people la but it’s fun .
But because of this , we get to know more of the primers .
Played games .But this games are like teaching us leadership skills .
So still not too bad .

2nd day was the BEST MAN !
We did outdoor cooking .
The group need to go to the supermarket and prepare food accordingly within a budget.
My group bought Campbell soup , hotdog , needle mushroom , chicken , eggs , bananas,instant noodles , and si chuan cai.
Our dishes was not bad esp the si chuan chicken .
Is damn nice yo .
I had a lot of fun although my hands stink after cutting the garlic and chicken.

After eating , the sky had darken and it was the start of another activity .
It was time for night hiking .
Wooooohoos .
It was pitch dark , damn dark .
Wenwei is the one leading us through out the whole journey.
But this journey was made possible with the encouragement from fellow primers .
The walk was scary at first but as it goes , i got more adapt to the environment.
There was flat ground , steep slopes , roots on ground , rocky path , slippery paths and so on .
Not forgetting MUD ! not those kind of mud you play in camps(wet soil) .
this mud really is damm gross and you’ll sink inside if you step in .
we had to use our sense of touch and predictions , staying alert on the journey .
A lot of funny things happened throughout the journey .
Wenwei suddenly “disappear infront of me”
Asking daniel kalai to smile in the dark .
Mark’s “5 more mins 5 more mins ” slogan .
Morgan hungry and wanting to eat his double cheeseburger .
And all sorts of funny stuffs .
But too bad yvonne couldn’t go with us .
The journey was tiring ,demanding , challenging but i really learnt from this experience .
Go the Man-zhu gan.

After all the walking , we had supper and welcoming the other groups .
Then back to school . Bathed and sleep .

Last day of camp ended with a get-together session with my group .
We pass down papers and others will draw what they think of us .
And it was funny when we tried to draw each others faces.
Took group photos too and camp photos .
Will post it after i get them

games 😀

presenting the fears .

wall of introduction.

this is so wen-wei style .

during hike @rest point.

he go crazy alrd.

spiders 😀

again again.

the whole camp participants 😀

After that , i helped out at the SGB .
tired but satisfying .
will elaborate more tml .
I need my rest now .
😀 byebyes .

” A camp is like a jewel box . You get diamonds , gold , treasures. And after polishing them , it will stay in your heart for life”


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