no label.

Hi readers .

Friday , Went to island creamery with my class girls EXCEPT emilytan!

me and phoebe 😀

noob , peishan , mememe!

See the little cute but behind 😀



noob’s apple pie . Not too bad.

Superb ice-cream 😀
And after cheeseburger @ Macdonalds.

The ladies went to PS first and I slacked there alone for like hours .
Cause i was kind of sian to go back to school so early.
Attended Exco meeting.
It’s was the very first one for us .
We had to choose our duties and have to rank them in order.
And I’m in Publicity ;D
And congrats to Gina being the new Vice-prsesident.
Went home with huiling & weida cause they all live in Woodlands area .
Chatted all the way and realise they are very nice people.
So far , I find the whole committee very friendly .
Yeahs , looking forward to work with them 😀

Yesterday, It was a beautiful saturday.
Woke up early and went for Red Camp post-outing.
Was supposed to meet chu and jervis @ JE .
But jervis was late , so we went off first .
When we reached habourfront , saw weixuan .
And he (being super evil) scare us !
Gathered all the campers at Rooftop and divided them into 7 tribes ,
mixing all the previous tribes tgt.
My group was “kapateh”. It was some rugby thing if im not wrong.
We had to prepare a hamper for the winning group .
So everyone chipped in $1 .
Me and chu went to get the stuffs from giant.
We got them crackers , titbits , toothpaste , lollipop and this little scopper thing .
After a round of introduction and ice-breaking games , we headed to sunny island sentosa !

There was a lot of centurions SLs on that day , but quite few campers 😦
So was kinda sad la .
After lunch , we had station games .
I’m not sure what they did at the other station .
But my station was @ the Big Siloso word .
There was me , chu , beverly , brandon, ck & benedict.
They have to complete a mission we give them and they will have to write siloso with their butts.
So it was kinda funny when their butts are facing us and them facing the people on the beach.
End all the station games and we did a cheer-off .

jervis blocking our view , hence the candid shot .

It was great hearing the campers doing the cheers again and this time we did other tribes cheers too .
Next is the best part.!
Matt managed to convince the Deejay to play our Mass dance song .
And of course we did our mass dance laaa.
OMG ! I swear it was super fun dancing on the beach.
Everyone stopped their games and watch us dance.
They might be thinking this is a bunch of crazy people ,but it;s allright 😀
After that was free and easy , the rest continued playing while me and some went to vivo to chill for a while .
So while waiting for jervis and sebation to come & meet us , me and chu talked a lot tgt .
Get to know more about her .
After they came , we went to look for chu’s box and watched firewoks too.
It was Vivo’s 2 Aniversary .
The fireworks was beautiful !
But i was a little frightened but the sound
And it seems like it was coming nearer and nearer to us
SO stupid me , leaned back .

I love kids . SO cute la them playing with water .

Fireworks 😀

Me and chuchu.

I somekind enjoyed myself yestd but also felt that there were areas that can be improved on:D
Anyway , thanks Matthew .


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