Hi lovelies .

Been feeling very tired , lethargic these few days .
Lazy worms acting inside of me, going school not-so-willingly.
I don’t know the cause for it.

My msn window is like popping here and there .
Kanchiong spiders .
Talking to campers .

Went movie on monday.
Caught Chiwahwah
quite funny .

And tuesday i went for movie also .
Caught Quarantine .
Not nice la
Damn stupid show .

im going island creamery with class girls and back to school for meeting .

Finally the trip is settled.
Alex and lynette called my phone to discuss.
I was supposed to put then on conference but i went ” OMG , omg , how do i put them on conference”
My omnia can conference okay alex .
Feel so excited now .

Sorry for the messyness but i really have to get my sleep alrd


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