Red camp

Yestd was the finale for Red Camp 5 .

Kinda relieved but yet with a little sadness .
I felt very happy yestd .
The campers , Student Leaders were great .
And for some of the SLs , this is the last Red camp for them.
I hoped that they really enjoyed it .

Red camp 5 have just created another Singapore Record .
The most number people freezing for 1 minute .

After the finale , we had our last dinner tgt with the campers.
So went around talking with them , taking pictures
but i dno how am i gonna take the pictures from them.
Next up is the Hop nite .
While waiting for the CEnturions turn to deposit the bags and enter the CC
we did cheers again for the last time .
Damn high la . It was super super loud man .
These time the campers really were giving their 101%.
Practically all of us went crazy !
Ran around the CC doing our cheers .
That scene was touching .

And finally it was HOPNITE.
There was Andrew Chow from Zouk.
SUPER nice music.
Went i first went in , i was super stunned .
There’s this one whole group of people already GRINDING TGT .
Just only started the party only lei.
So me chuling and ruth went out first since most of the centurions were not there .
We danced till the last song nonstop sia .
Good exercise but my feet hurts damn bad now .

And after all those screaming on hopnite and finale , adding on to day 1&2
I’m like talking with a very low voice now la .

I had a learnt a lot of things from this REd camp.
How to better interact with people , become more daring and not so shy to talk to a bigger crowd.
Made a lot of new friends too.
Thanks SLs for these 3 days .
It was great exposure for me
And I definetely want to be part of red camp 6 too .

phoebe , blueberrycheesecake,mirah.

Raphael ,mirah , jiaw



me and chewy .


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