Moolahs .

Normal school day .

So bored in school so we started taking pictures and talking .

my “special order” sticker on jay’s watch.

i know this look a little scary(a little only)

I spent a lot during the break.
$4 + $ 2 = $6
Got myself this orange milkshake And a banana .
I also dno what’s the reason for the banana.
Just wanted to have a taste of it .

And i drew on my banana.

after school i accompanied phoebe to wait for ther IAC groupmates to finish .
Then i waited for xueqi too .
So while waiting , we went down to the vending machine to get some stuffs .
Phoebe realised that there is this Orea stucked there .
So shake the machine and it dropped !
Free OREO for us.
Pity the people who paid for it and never get .

dipping my oreo in my teh-bing.


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