Treats for my sweet tooth.

Hello hello.

Normal school day .

the thingy to press up and down came off and somebody put this there .
Funny lor.

During accounts , we were all copying NF .
Everybody like kan-chiong spiders , copy here copy there .

So this is what i copied .
Like draw the talisman la .
Anyhow only.

Mr Kong came back !!! visit us only la .
so happy lor .

I bet everybody really missed him so the whole class went to look for him at C1 .
My class very seldom everybody come out tgt sia .
So it’s kinda big improvement .

The girls went up first .
So i wanted to scare the guys in the other lift.
I stood super near to the door .
In the end , is not they all lor
Damn malu la .

ESAD was super funny (at least , i feel that way)
Jeremy held my MP3 in his hands .
Because it was in hold mode .
Then he say “I’m already holding it “

I always get opportunities to take unglam shots of people.
All thanks to the Smile detection.

I just paid for my 2 shorts and I am super declared poor/broke/moneyless now .
Like serious .
Pocket damn tight .
SO i can only go budget for this month .

Sorry girls that I couldn’t make it for dinner @sakae
Cause it was a little expensive for me (my current state )
Next time kays I promise.

And for the steamboat peeps , so sorry also for not being able to go .

But , after school …
I went for Island Creamery (i think it sells one of the best ice-creams and cheap ?).
With xueqi , phoebe , shafiq.
Cause it was kinda within my budget .
2 scoops for $4 bucks.
We drop off opposite coronation plaza .
And walked this quite long distance .
The place is very cosy, nice place to slack i guess .
The service was okay-okay .
Ice-cream , I LOVE esp Nutella .

It could have been a better picture.
After eliminating like perhaps the upper half of the picture .

We were thinking if you have the chance to steal something in the shop , what would you steal ?
My answer was the key to the store .
Of course there were several answers .
Key is like the best i guess .
Steal the key then at night you open the door and have all the ice-cream to yourself .
shiok right ?
Then this shafiq say i dumb .
Because phoebe said that she wants to steal all the ice-cream here .
So what’s the point of my getting the key when there is no ice-cream left .
And after that , all the answers i gave …
they continued laughing at me .

I’m like the biggest joke for the day la .
All starts from shafiq .
You carefull la wildboar !
Wait till one day , WAHAHA , then you jialat arh. GRSSSSS.
He like holding ” Promoting-Mirah-Campaign” to his class .
I bet now his whole class knows about how he calls me .
keep saying fat jokes , you careful.
He said that if i went botak , i’ll look like Sean Kingston.
And now they give me this totally new name .
SKLH-Sean Kingston Long Hair.
Nvm , you careful arhs .
lols .

I wanna show you all this video .
Not very sure if you have seen this before .
About this auntie quarrelling with this uncle.

her child thought by capturing the whole process and posting it on youtube would gain her the sympathy .But too bad , plan backfired.
Instead , it gathered more negative comments for herself.
Awwh , so pathetic(EEEE!)

This is another one dumb case .
This uncle is smoking in the LRT .
So , which part of the sign that says”NO smoking” he don’t understand .

I think in the video , he’s trying to convince people that the thing that he was smoking was not cigarettes . He’s using some kind of old-fashioned blowpipes ?

Damn tired now .
Tml going k-session .
(Ahems , Mic test mic test 1 2 3)


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