Are you really happy now ?

Went home with xueqi and jeremy .
On the way back , it rained like damn heavily.
Super heavy and damn scary .
Got thunder somemore.

My mouse like gonna spoil le lor.
Saddening la , i got my mouse for like 3o bucks and haven’t last me for 1 year yet .
Actually i got it just because got the crystals on it & it is pink .
So dumb of me .
I should just get a normal one and perhaps bombard the whole mouse with blings.
I think cost lesser then 30bucks.
NO mouse=No life 😦
Just now in class , we were playing with my phone’s camera .
I forgot to off the smile-detection.
Then when god turned the camera at me , then it took a picture .
He went omg.
hahahs , funny god .
After that we went around capturing people faces asking them to smile .
Damn funny laaaa .

We tried to smile at the same time.But dno why cannot .
So we tried 1 person smile , and the other don’t smile.

this is the jia-lor-mee .
The super lame , super funny , super diaos one .

The signature pose -Twist.

Phoebe girlfriend 🙂


Mr.Chang-who tried to seperate me and phobe cause we were too noisy .

see jeremy face.eeee.

Wahlao , damn unglam .

I watched this parody .
Damn funny .
“American Idol Judges – Parody MadTV”

Search for this at youtube .
I think is damn hilarious for me .

I wanna go shopping .
I wanna buy bbt album.
I wanna do a lot of things with my friends.
But I’ve got no money now 😦


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