damn cui now

Back from stITwise and went for k-session tgt with evil , murphy, bryant.
Went home first .
So i walked out alone from the countryclub .
Not a very long walk but it was damn scary , cause it is like so dark.
So i kinda brisk walk with all the heavy stuffs and my jacket .
omg! feel like cabbing home but i felt there was no need for me to spend this money.
walked past Jurong Entertainment Centre .
I think it close down alrd .

I feel damn cui now after 1 day of not sleeping.

Event went quite well except some parts that i think could be better .
I was the army girl ( pop the damn big popper ) / game Marshall for robocode
SO after today’s event , I think I know more SBs and they all like not bad .
happy .

need my sleep
dam cui

xueqi and bryant.

see my tower of highlighters , almost the same height as alex

me and phoebe.

thanks xueqi for accompanying me šŸ™‚

Financial Infomatics – Bagus!!!

The half-frozen Red date tea we had for breakfast .

Good morning Readers , this was taken at 6 .00 am

On Event day itself.

call me lanyard girl .
i hung my phone , school’s phone(project demonstration) and my student helper lanyard .
damn heavy .


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