send someone to love me , i need to rest in arms

Hello hello.

Today was eLearning and it totally sucks lor

Caught High School Musical .
Like ok-ok only .
There was me , fann , jiamei , gina , ruvyn , joankia and clifford.
This coming friday is ford’s birthday celebration .
I really very very very sorry that i can’t make it .

Been youtub-ing since i reached home .
And i really love this song.
This song has been around for quite some time but I really love it .
“better man” by robbie williams.

So far nth has gone wrong with me and my Omnia
but rather disappointed that the front camera cannot be used to take pictures .
Me , xueqi and lynette like change phone at the same time lor .
hahas . I think with them , I can remember how long I’ve use my phone .
& I wanna get crystals to pimp my crystal case .
But now no money lor .
Actually I wanna get it by this thurs so that when during stayover at bryant house , I can at least pimp my phone while they are playing mahjong .
But I guess i need to wait till red camp is over and it is coming real soon .
Replied to the email regarding rd camp 5 video team member .
Hope that me and phoebe will be in .
Then for th 3 days at Red Camp I’ll be staying over at the loft. * heaven *

I want the sentosa photos .
Still waiting for the photographer , Jonathan .
My skin is feeling off and it sure looks ugly . lols .

Thank you phoebe 😀 !


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