pictures of you pictures of me.

yijun .

evil .

tall VS taller.

attack .

frisbee is fun.

3 for 1 .

he is haiyang, a little cute boy we’ve meet 😀

bryant trying his best to ask the baby give him a hi-five.

my turn.

so cuteeee.

hahahs . we were damn bad la.
told him :” Eh , we go look for more decorations for you hor * put the paper on top of his face* “
And all of us left him there , all go into the water .
paiseh arhs.

tired already…

while alex is trying his best to dig a deeper hole.

yes ! we finally took our revenge.

the early burial . 😀


see nicholas so sian( the one in jeans) & alex friend.

nice arh choon seng.

the must have pose.


not bad not bad.

back toss in water(bryant)

blosson , bubbles , buttercup .
like OMG !





nice save.


vote for murphy wu on hey gorgeous .


Overall i think is fun 😀

Went to the meeting today .
And got the stITwise tee and roles on that day .
Immediately , i msg ravin ask whether woodlands ring got participate anot …
and yes they got
so happy lor .
Stupid shafiq , keep saying fat jokes .


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