make new faces session.

Hello hello.
Back from sentosa.
It was a meet new faces session 2 .
New friends like yijun(si jun) , simon says , jonathan , and this guy.
In the end phoebe never come 😦 sad .
We had roti prata for breakfast.
evil treat one . Wah , like so nice .

cooking mama season .
so addicting .

waiting for evil and friend.

so we played volleyball,Frisbee.
I think i’m gonna love Frisbee in future.
Like so fun fun fun kays.

When we were in the water, we played with this little boy call Haiyang.
I swear he was damn cuteeee.
And we like the babies paparazzi.
Went over and played with him.
Despite all the baby 101 we did to him, he chose to ignore us and continue with playing the sand.
Bryant tried to carry him, then he cried .See, scare him alrd liao la.

Then buried evil up .
WAH like finally lor . Can take revenge alrd.
so we did a lot of different decorations on him .
like a C cup nehneh and some others.

on the way to bath.

my hand now like 2 colour liao sia
i wanted to wear tank top .
But you know , butterflies

fresh for the oven πŸ˜€

On the way back on the train .

Headed to Carls Jr for dinner .

So after this whole meal , I felt that all the frisbee, volleyball have gone down to drain.

Actually evil looks like panda also what .
Just that a little taller .
After he and jon left, we went to skypark slack.
Got the korean festival or what arh.

Christmas coming =janice birthday coming.

wahlao , they super bad.
tried to scare us with some “”stories .
and scare me also .

I tot this outing will be weird since a lot of them is we dno de.
But i think it turned out not too bad.
claps hand.

ah , i go slp first .
this is the best i can go for now .
Goodbyes .


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