Hello .

just reached home only .

Went PS to celebrate peishan’s birthday.
hope she enjoys it 😀
Was rather small celebration for her la .
Had lunch at Manhattan Fish market .
It is so much better then the one at Malaysia .
Totally sucks laaa .
Toured around and headed to bugis .

Meet ying first cause we still have nothing to do.
We had steamboat today for dinner .
There’s me , ying , janice , fann , sharon , jiamei , ruvyn , joankia ,jeremy , clifford .
10 of us .
I was seating at the same table that I first went there with polymates.
After billing we got extra money so we decided to have ice-cream cones .
SO it’s kinda cute. One bunch of people standing outside mac eating ice-cream cones .
Poor ruvyn , he’s 18 in age , 5 in mentality , 25 in looks .
hahas, that was like the highlight .
super funny .

Took the train back home and got some indu-ren.
Ying and sharon wanted to take picture .
Then the indu-ren like looking into the hp screen .
Sharon say to the person :” Don’t look “.
wahahahs .damn daring of her la .

On the way back i realised that there is a bunch of young people , like scretly drawing us on their book. I guess they are art students or something. Like so cool la 😀

Ice cream gang 😀

the guys .

I did this on purpose .
To cut ruvyn out from the picture .

Girls 😀

i just got this feeling that we 3 look drunk .


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